Conference venue

The conference will take place in the Hotel Hans Egede’s conference center and the Katuaq in Nuuk.

Welcome reception takes place at Nuuk Local Museum, Nuutoqaq, Hans Egedesvej B-234, Friday October 4, 17-19 PM. The museum is located in the old Colony Harbour. See the invitation here. Please see specific program for the reception here.

Registration takes place in Katuaq, Saturday October 5, 7.30 – 8.45 AM.

The conference starts with opening ceremony in Katuaq, Saturday October 5, 9.00 AM.



The program at NUNAMED 2019 consists of the following:

Please see the Program page for further information.

The topic-based thematic sessions provide possibilities for both presentations and in-depth discussions. Most thematic sessions will be held in Danish; however, we will make sure that there will be English-speaking sessions throughout the conference for our international participants. Researchers and professionals are invited to organize thematic sessions/workshops, in order to gain and present knowledge and research on a specific topic at NUNAMED 2019. organizers of such a session/workshop can apply for economic support here:

Posters will be on display during the whole conference.

Program, lists of keynote sessions and descriptions of thematic sessions is available on the Program page.

A PhD course will be held prior to the conference. For more information click on “PhD course 2019”.

The conference language will primarily be Danish. However, thematic sessions will be held in either Danish, Greenlandic or English.


Prices and registration

Participating in the conference costs 3,000 DKK and for students 1,000 DKK. The participation-fee includes conference kits with abstract book, access to all sessions and keynote presentations, welcome reception (Saturday 5th October 2019) as well as lunch and refreshments (5th to 7th October 2019). Cancellation of participant registration will be possible until the 15th of September 2019.

Please register yourself on the Registration page to participate in the conference. Participants are themselves responsible for organizing and paying for their accommodation and travel.

It is possible to only attend a single day or session during NUNAMED 2019 by paying for a one-day-pass, which costs 1,000 DKK. The one-day-pass gives you access to attending all keynotes and session on that day as well as lunch and refreshments. Furthermore, you will also receive a conference kit if these are still available on that day. One-day participants can register on the Registration page.



  • Registration: you can register up until the start of the conference, but refunds are only possible before 1st of September 2019
  • Abstract deadline August 15. Please see “Abstract submission”
  • NUNAMED 2019 starts on the 5th of Oktober, 2019



Flight tickets to Greenland can be booked on AirGreenland, Icelandair, Air Iceland or with a travel agency. NUNAMED 2019 has not made any arrangements with any travel agencies.



Participants need to arrange their own accommodation during the conference. We have arranged with Hotel Hans Egede that hotel rooms will be available to a conference-price for participants: 1,375 DKK per night for a single room and 1,875 DKK per night for double rooms including breakfast.

Booking a room based on that arrangement must be done via email directly to the hotel ( Please note in your mail that you will be attending the NUNAMED conference. This offer is available up until 60 days before the conference starts. Also note that the hotel’s online booking system cannot be used for reservation of rooms in connection with the NUNAMED conference This must be done via email.

Nuuk is a small town with easily accessible public transport. Other accommodation possibilities in Nuuk are:

Sømandshjemmet (Seamans home)
Inuk Hostels
Hotel Nordbo
Sydbo hotellejligheder

Accomodations in Nuuk are also available on Airbnb.


PhD course

Prior to NUNAMED 2019 conference, a PhD course will be held from the 2nd to 7th of Oktober 2019. For more information see “PhD course 2019”.



Questions regarding NUNAMED 2019 can be sent to:

Billing Address:
Nunamed, Box 2031, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Nunamed, Att. Peqqissaasut Kattuffiat, Jagtvej 13 l 1001, Box 670, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland

Følg med i planlægningen på konferencens hjemmeside


Organising committee

Gert Mulvad, Anders Koch, Christine Ingemann, Ingelise Olesen, Karen Bjørn-Mortensen, Anne-Sophie Homøe, Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen, Suzanne Møller, Ella Skifte, Rikke Bruun de Neergaard, Parnuna Heilmann, Anne Rolskov, Pauline Olesen, Turid Bjarnason Skifte, Anna Kleist Egede, Iben Motzfeldt, Ann Birkekær Kjeldsen, Inuuti Fleischer, Tine Pars & Ken Jensen.