I forbindelse med NUNAMED 2019 afholdes PhD-kursus i dagene 2. – 7. oktober 2019 (NUNAMED 5. – 7. oktober). Download programmet ved tryk på billedet.

In the days October 2. – 7. (NUNAMED October 5. – 7.) a PhD course will be held in connection with NUNAMED 2019. Download the program by pressing the picture link below.

Course Overview

  • Lectures about general population in the Arctic. Planning Community based health research and implementation
  • Case study in Arctic Health: Group work
  • Lecture to introduce the multidisciplinary research, collaboration, questions of ethics from research examples
  • All sessions will have group work and discussion
  • The NUNAMED conference will be a part of the PhD course and all students will have a presentation at the NUNAMED conference.
Specific topics
  • Arctic Population modeling its future by levels of education
  • Demographic measures
  • Participatory research methods
  • Community engagement
  • Ethical challenges
  • Multidisciplinary research
  • Good practices of study design
Course Details
  • Academic level(s): PhD, pre – PhD
  • Country: Greenland
  • Language: English
  • Institution: University of Greenland
  • Start date: 2nd October 2019
  • End date: 7th October 2019 (5th – 7th NUNAMED)
  • Registration deadline:1st August 2019
  • Contact: Gert Mulvad (gm@peqqik.gl
  • ECTS credits: 3.0
  • Location: Greenland Centre of Health Research, University of Greenland, Nuuk, Greenland
  • Community Based Health Research
    • Gwen Healey, MSc, PhD, Executive Director Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre
    • Beth Rink, Associate Professor, Community Health, Montana State University
  • Arctic Health and Diet
    • Magritt Brustad, Professor, dr.scient., Head of Department of Community Medicine, Arctic University of Norway
    • Jon Ø. Odland, Professor of Global Health, University for Science and Technology, Trondheim
  • Diabetes and Inuit
    • Michael Lynge Pedersen, MD GP Associated Professor, Ilisimatusarfik
    • Marit E. Jørgensen, Professor, PhD, Ilisimatusarfik and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
  •  Health research at the Hospital
    • Lene Seibæk, Associate professor, PhD, Ilisimatusarfik and Aarhus University
    • Karsten Rex, MD, GP, PhD – stud. Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital/Greenland Centre of Health Research, University of Greenland
  •  To be old in the Arctic
    • Tenna Jensen, Associated Professor, SAXO Institute
    • Stig Andersen, Professor, Ilisimatusarfik and Aalborg University
  • Examples of Arctic health research projects – Contaminant, Ear and Infectious diseases, Community Based Research
    • Berit Schei, Professor, Women’s Health, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    • Anders Koch, Professor, Ilisimatusarfik
    • Preben Homøe, Professor, Ilisimatusarfik and Copenhagen University
    • Eva Bonefeld – Jørgensen, Professor, Ilisimatusarfik and Aarhus University
    • Peter Vedsted, Professor, Leading regional doctor, Region Avannaa, Greenland
    • Pal Weihe, Professor, Occupational and Public Health, Faroe Islands
For further information contact Gert Mulvad, gm@peqqik.gl
Course Directors
Professor Lise Hounsgaard, Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland
MD, Doctor h.c Gert Mulvad, Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland